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(English) One-Two-Three – The Poetics of Space Midterm project

(English) Food to Build Buildings: Culinary Physics Final Project Proposal

(English) The Environmental Plea Ceremony

(English) Viewmaster progress…

(English) Redesign of Digestive System: Injustice Antennas

(English) W4 – Trapped?

(English) Journey #2: The WCW Challenge

(English) W3 – Trapped?

(English) Postcards Computer: The Architecture

(English) Postcards Computer: Making the Architecture

(English) Journey #1: Visible waves

My food homunculus

(English) Sismo

HPCM: Postcards Computer possible diagram

(English) DDDP – Day 3

(English) Her Studio

(English) Blocks: First Test

(English) DDDP – Day 2

(English) Design for Discomfort: Daily Practice (DDDP) – Day 1 Ideas and Conflicts

(English) HPCM: Human logic gates and postcards prototype

(English) Some of my ITP Projects

(English) Creating Presence: Cenote water

Human powered computation machine – pitch

(English) Presentation notes: A Human Powered Computation Machine

(English) Williamsburg Bridge under the rain

(English) First in-class exercise: 360 photo

(English) El Computador: Some Notes and Ideas for the Pitch

Artificial (?) Antidancer

(English) More Mosteller and Wallace Tests

(English) Mosteller and Wallace tests

(English) Artificial (?) Antidancer

(English) Poetry Printing Press: (Apparently) it works!

(English) Poetry Printing Press: Movable type

(English) Poetry Printing Press Assembly Process

(English) The magic bench(es) (?)

(English) Neural Glitch

ColorKinetics tests

(English) Controlling QLC+ with OSC

Poetry Printing Press: CNC router cuts

(English) Final Project Proposal: Artificial (?) Antidancer

Poetry Printing Press Cardboard Prototype 

(English) Experimenting with Raspberry Pi – Setting it up

(English) Node version(s) “hell” (?)

(English) Poetry Printing Press: Small update – Working arms

(English) Poetry Printing Press: More OpenSCAD Tests

(English) Hue API tests

(English) Poetry Printing Press: First OpenSCAD Tests

(English) AP Noun Graph

(English) Light observation: Light in the fog

(English) Light Observation: Lights in the subway

(English) Final Project Proposal: Poetry Printing Press

Lighting the staircase: Observations and ideas 

(English) kNN Dances (Dijkstra Dances)

(English) kNN Dances

3D Puzzle: Final result

(English) GA Choreographic Counterpoint

(English) [Inverted] Heliostat

3D puzzle: 3D printing tests 

(English) 3D Puzzle: Fusion 360 Pieces

(English) GA Choreographic Counterpoint Part 1: Fitness Function tests

Heliostat failed test 

(English) FlyBy: Basic Digital Circuits

Paper&Print Press: Tests

(English) 3D Puzzle: Cardboard prototype

(English) Heliostat Simulation

Heliostat: Sun explorations 

(English) TSP Dances: Exercise 1

(English) CBox Theater

(English) Heliostat progress: Arduino, servos and cardboard

(English) Unfinished draft of another final project: Lecture on this final project

(English) Interfacing with the X-Carve Part 2: Processing

(English) The Sun and the Heliostat for the 24-hours lighting feature: Ideas and inspiration

A Lamp for the End of the World 

Paper&Print Press: Midterm

Paper&Print Press: Some CNC tests 

(English) Moving Cardboard Cyclist (V2)

(English) Moving Cardboard Cyclist V2: Almost there

(English) Paper belt prototyping

(English) Keith Arnatt, “A Real Artist”

Cut a rock with paper 

(English) A Lamp for the End of the World: Some updates

(English) Paper&Print Press: Cardboard Prototype

(English) Paper&Print Press: Finishing the digital model

(English) Light Observation: 24-hour timelapse in the living room window

(English) Interfacing with the X-Carve

(English) Paper&Print Press: More digital parts and joints

Moving cardboard cyclist V2: Prototyping 

(English) Paper&Print Press: Digital Progress

(English) A Lamp for the End of the World: Development Part 02

(English) Paper&Print Press: Digital beginnings

Paper&Print Press: Another analog drawing 

(English) Light/Plant Observation: Beans growing

A Lamp for the End of the World: Development Part 01

(English) Midterm project proposal: Paper&Print Press

(English) Light Observation: ~1 hour timelapse – Light movement in the floor

Slow Dances

(English) Slow Dances: Étude tres / Sandwich

(English) Slow Dances: Étude dos

(English) Light Observation: 4-hours timelapse

Chance-imagery by George Brecht