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Online casino card games

Online casinos have been offering card games from the very first day of their existence. After all, this is one of the most popular gambling entertainment, the history of which is rooted far in the past. But if a couple of decades ago it was possible to test your luck in cards only in land-based […]

5 card Stud hands in order

5 card Poker hands

Stud belongs to the oldest varieties of poker. It is even sometimes considered the parent of all modern game modifications and their rules. At a time when no one had heard of Hold’em, the West of America was enthusiastically gambling Stud with 5 and 7 cards. Today, it also has fans. Therefore, having studied its […]

5 card Stud game features

5 card stud game

Poker is extremely popular among professional card players and armatures, which prefer to spend their free time playing it. Although the largest part of gamers choose Omaha, Draw and Texas Hold’em, 5 card Stud game also has its follows, who know that the probability to win here is high. 5 card Stud game rules and […]