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First attempt

On one hand, one could say that cities are built by people getting their energy from tortillas.

On the other, one can say that, if the world could sustain it, at some point everything will be made from corn.

The process

I borrowed the concept of creating 3D structures out of many 2D layers, but instead of using a material like paper, cardboard, or wood, I wanted to see what would happen using tortillas.

Here, as a first experiment, I cut the tortillas manually with a knife, and without a specific layout – I wanted to see how different shapes would work out.

To get a better texture, I covered the structure with canola oil (sprayed) and put it for ~5 minutes in an oven at 300°. This caused some deformities, but made the tortillas a little bit hard.

When looking at the result, I can imagine some kind of town. I’m not completely happy about how it ended up looking, but I’m happy that I started experimenting with the concept.