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You know this place. At this moment the floor is wet and the sky is dark. Water falls from the sky and passes through the ceiling. The floor is not dark because it reflects the lights from the surroundings. The surroundings do not include more bicycles other than yours. The surroundings include interlaced metal structures forming perpendicular planes. Is this a tunnel or is this a cage? (Or a caged tunnel, or a tunneled cage?) At least you can move forward, uphill. At least you can move forward, downhill. A non-flat caged tunnel, or a non-flat tunneled cage. You can see the river and you can see the city. You can also feel the wind against you. Would you prefer solid walls with inscriptions, the same way the floor has inscriptions? Would you prefer a solid ceiling that would protect you from the water (why would you need protection from the water?) ? What is better for you, a tunneled cage, or a tunneled room?

If there was no cage (and also no room), you could easily fall into the river. (Maybe first into the cars or the subway tracks). Before crossing you realized you hadn’t fell during the past year. Some minutes after crossing you will eventually fall to the wet floor. If there was also no floor where you are at now, you would not be in the air, in the cars or in the subway tracks: you would be in the water. Going home, crossing the river. And you would not be thinking and writing poetically about the Williamsburg Bridge under the rain. You would be thinking and writing poetically about the water under the rain.