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All the posts related to the creation of the Poetry Printing Press, can be found in this tag.

All the design files can be found in this Github repo.

Having the press assembled and some movable type created

It was time to test it.

I ordered a roller and water-based black ink (for woodblock printing) from Amazon.

This video was the reference to know how to use the ink and the roller.

I found a plastic box that I could use to put the ink and roll the roller (?) – and that I could also use to store the type.

Because of time constrains I could not make the base that I thought of for the type. However that turned out to be good. First I arranged the type in sandpaper so that the friction would keep it in place:

It worked for the arrangement, and I tested the roller over it and it didn’t move. However, when I used the ink, it took the type with it into the roller.

My next approach was to use a glue stick to glue the type into the press; as it is a glue for paper it would allow for an easy way of removing the type, at the same time that it would provide enough force to keep it in place even with the ink:

I rolled the roller (?) in both directions in a successful way. The result: