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To create the movable type, I used the following site that 1) gives you a template to write your own font, 2) processes it, 3) gives you a font file: https://www.calligraphr.com

I created the “SejoScript” font:

Screenshot of the Calligraphr screen before downloading my font

I wrote a small Processing script to automate the generation of the type shape: I needed to have each letter inside a rectangle of the same height but of a width corresponding to its own width. The rectangle should have a thin stroke, and everything should be SVG so that it could be easily laser etched and cut (the importance of SVG is mainly because of the need of having vectorized paths for the laser cutter – the etching part would also work with a bitmap)

The script can be found here

Here’s a sample output:

I still had to do some post-processing in Inkscape: I had to convert the letters to vector paths, and I later remembered that I had to mirror everything for the print to work as expected.

Here’s my first batch, at the top we can see the error of the first two groups, where I forgot to mirror. I etched them and I noticed the error before continuing further (I was planning to cut more groups). Because of time constrains, I could only etch and cut two mirrored groups:

I separated the type from the wood piece: