A slot of CNC router time opened today, and I used it to cut my material. It turned out to not be wood (how would I know, I found it in the street (?)), but it worked pretty well nevertheless. 

The DXF files exported from OpenSCAD worked very well (better than Illustrator) in Master CAM. An important note is that, as DXF is unit-less and MasterCAM works in inches (and OpenSCAD in millimeters), I had to “scale down”  my design in OpenSCAD by a factor of 1/25.4 – a good way to remember or to make sense of that number, is that 25.4mm are equivalent to 1 in – Therefore something that measures in the original design 25.4 mm, with that factor would be scaled to “1 unit” that happens to correspond to an inch. 

I sanded the pieces to remove the_ from the cuts, I’ll glue them together soon.