on day 9 of planning a force rose up in me to begin “drawing”, and well, if the objective is to make myself create, there’s no reason why to wait until the day 1 of the 100 days… so i started drawing.

here are my drawings of the planning days 9, 10 and 11:


day 9p/monday, february 5th, 2018/planning/deciding what word to use/mel


day10p/tuesday, febrero 6th, 2018/planning/waiting for a response from clarinda; what word to use in spanish; countdown to the countup/clarinda, mel


day 11p/wednesday, february 7th, 2018/planning/fighting with procrastination, waiting, writing, untangling ideas and feelings with screens/clarinda, mel


*certainly, this will be quite a ride… it’s already difficult for me to like them, thinking of redoing them and the use of time.