Food to Build Buildings: Culinary Physics Final Project Proposal

Biking to the school, I’ve seen for many months now how a building is being built in 80 Evergreen Ave. Depending on the time of the day, I’ve seen how the workers -brown-skinned people, probably Hispanic most of them- get their lunch from a van in the street, and how they eat and rest in the sidewalk. I’ve been somewhat able to recognize the food (tacos? tamales? refresco (soda)?), and the way they eat it.

The building is residential, therefore it’s part of the gentrification phenomenon. I find interesting to think about the food that is fueling the people that have the job of building a place that will bring more changes to the community: How are the food systems related to the gentrification systems in Brooklyn?. I can think of many questions now: Who are these people and where do they come from? Who pays them? (and how much?) (I’ve seen some Jewish people that seem like managers) Who provides them the food? Where does the food come from? How much it costs? What is the menu, and who decides it? How nutritious is it? Where do the ingredients come from? Where does the trash end up (and what kind of trash is it?)? How much will living in the building cost?

I don’t have experience with journalism or this kind of research, but I think that here we will be able to see interesting aspects of an otherwise unknown layer of the socioeconomic processes. I also find interesting how the way I look and the fact that I speak Spanish can modulate the responses and the findings.

OpenStreetMap of the place I’ve seen the building happen.

Picture of the building in process

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  1. Paty

    Sería interesante conocer las respuestas a las preguntas que expones… Y variarán las respuestas si fuera otro tipo de construcción?…

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