After my emotional breakdown/experience presenting my Futurist Dish last week, I decided that I want to explore my own relationships with Tortillas in relation to culture, traditions, social and economic class, and identity. I didn’t expect this class to put me in such a vulnerable position, and I’m willing to embrace that to traverse this space of doubts about who I am and how I feel in life and specifically in NYU / NYC. I would like to get involved making my own Tortillas, exploring authenticity; but more importantly I want to be able to write “stories” in them. I would like to share this “kilo de Tortillas” with stories, giving away a part of my findings. These stories could be physically or digitally embedded…

Overview of the process

Week 10 – Can I make them? How can I write on them?

Week 11 – What am I going to “write” on them?

Week 12 – Make them and write on them

Week 13 – Presentation