Identify privacy risks of wireless networks


An exhibition with multiple stations that surveil visitors with their device’s wireless MAC address, and informs them about the surveillance results.

Possible stations include:

  • Manufacturer of your device
  • Some networks that your device recognizes
  • Log of everybody’s entries and exit times, either to the exhibition or to the stations
  • Watch a video in a booth – get your face photographed and your MAC address associated with it
  • Map of people/devices moving in the exhibition in real time
  • Visualization of personal trajectories in the space
  • Guessing the people that are in the exhibition with you


Probably and hopefully people can feel discomfort when noticing that they can be easily followed, tracked, logged, with their mobile devices wireless behavior.

This could be mainly a control-related discomfort (you think you control your information and what your device says about you).


Based on Patterns of Transformation

  • Type of risk: Emotional (Paranoia?), Social (Vulnerability?)
  • Type of Magic Circle: Embraced – You embrace the exploitation of your information because you appear to be in a controlled environment.
  • Type of Structure: Exploratory – You can follow the path you want, discovering the different dimensions of information gathering that are happening as you visit.
  • Type of Transformation: Acute – Hopefully the impact would be strong enough to make people be more careful turning off their Wi-Fi when not in use.