By Sejo and Paula.

For this exercise we decided to use some video material that Paula had recorded with a GoPro camera during the summer in Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, inside a Cenote. The clips contained an horizontal point of view, looking inside the water, and also a vertical point of view, looking either towards the bottom of the Cenote or to the sky. We decided to experiment with projections, using a wall as a projection surface for the “horizontal” clips, and a ceiling for the “looking at the sky” clips.

We used the interior of Jesal’s pod (?) as the wall (we liked the circular aspect of it) and a piece of foam as the ceiling. It was a coincidence that the setup was next to the hammock, so we adapted it so that the projections could be seen laying down. We used two projectors and two computers, and no video-mapping software.

As the clips had sound in them, we decided to use headphones to play it along the videos.

Each video lasted around 2 minutes, and although they had cuts, they consisted mainly of long shots. Because of that and because of the projection in parallel with no synchronization between the parts, the experience  was more like a calm underwater collage. Furthermore, because of the non-precise setup, we had some interesting light mixing in the screens.

The point of view from the hammock gave a comfortable setup. We darkened the corner to put the focus in the screens. Even if the corner was very messy as can be seen in the pictures, we managed to overcome it.

Mithru and Swapna were taking a break from a class in the night, and they appreciated the experience. They said that it felt as if the video was actually 360°. And the combination between the hammock, the headphones, the darkness and more importantly the video clips, was just what they needed to open up their headspace.

(video documentation to be uploaded soon)

Mithru immersed in our experience

Mithru in the hammock immersed in our experience

Swapna immersed in our experience

Paula documenting the experience

Picture from the floor of Swapna immersed in our experience

Projector for the ceiling

General setup: projection surfaces, projectors, and the hammock (as well as a dark corner)

Mithru immersed in our experience