1 Trash scanning and display

I find amazing the amount of disposable containers for food that are used in “developed societies”, how easy it is to get them and also how easy it is to forget their environmental impact once they reach the trash cans. This idea would consist in a group of people in the entrance of a building, for example Tisch or the ITP floor, asking the people that enter with food in disposable containers to participate: there would be a 3D scanning station where the soon-to-be trash will be converted to a 3D model, and from there it would be sent to a digital collection that would be displayed on site and online. This collection could be creeated as a giant digital floor or as a giant digital container.

2 Walks/talks

Inspired by the “100 days of making” class and trend, this project would consist in having a daily walk with a different person each day. This would be an opportunity to connect in a different and deeper way with many people. Hopefully we could share about our dreams and visions of the world, and get enlightened about other people’s perspectives.

3 Voices of the world

This would be a poem with lines written and read in many languages, attempting to replicate the proportions and diversity of tongues in the world. For its creation, this would imply talking with people with different native languages, and asking them to contribute to the text. The end result, the poem, would only be completely understood talking with as many people as languages, asking them to help translate the sections they can read. This is based on the following idea that I read in The Age of Consent by George Monbiot: A global parliament, with one representative for every 10 million people, would be composed of a very different way than what the current “global powers” look like, and probably the interests of the majority of people would be better represented.