thesis idea as of today:

everything must go – the [broadway] musical

an attempt of anti-spectacle inquiring how to let go the ideology that is killing the living world (including ourselves, of course)

question answer
what else is out there like it? main influence: john cage’s diaries: how to improve the world (you will only make matters worse)audios (poetry/music)

john cage’s empty words: “syntax: arrangement of the army (norman brown). language free of syntax: demilitarization of language.” – video of a read/performed excerpt (poetry/music)

teatro la re-sentida: trying to make a play that will change the world (the final delirium of the last romantics) info (theater)

nicanor parra’s ecopoemas: some examples (ecopoetry)

ewan mclennan and george monbiot: breaking the spell of loneliness. info (music)

josh fox: how to let go of the world and love all the things that climate can’t change. info (movie)

sam miller mcdonald collapse despair. (essay)

augusto boal et al, arena conta zumbi. wikipedia pt (musical)

yvonne rainer: no manifesto (manifesto)

panteón rococó, ska-p (?) (music)

how is yours different? mexican [dark?] humor in a first world country.

latin american point of view in the united states.

“millenial” perspective (i.e. young and having grown and lived under neoliberalism / globalization / digital revolution)

mixed together with my own combination of questions, expectationcs, contradictions, inner conflicts, doubts about the project and its “effectiveness” (with skepticism based on years of indoctrination), irony, idealism, hope.

how does it improve what exists? improvement would not be my goal (i would only make matters worse (?))

i would contribute my voice and actions, attempting to do it in a way that represents my views and conflicts. hopefully that would resonate / reverberate as more people contributing their voices and actions.

“but what if we discuss it without the endgame of convincing and mobilizing and compelling others to action? is there value in talking about this with the people in our lives simply to commiserate, communally, on this impending demise? what if we talk about this hurtling climate devastation just to share the burden of that heavy knowledge?” (sam miller mcdonald, see above)

what audience is it for? english and/or spanish speaking people.

some would find it boring and/or outrageous, an insult to reason and civilization – in a way those would be an important part my audience (?)

i hope others -sensible people, soon-to-be-artists, closet environmentalists- would find it somewhat inspiring (to make [more] questions, to pursue art and alternative ways of living, to attempt to break free, to unlearn), in a similar way i’ve been inspired by the works listed above and others.

what is the world/context/ market that your project lives in? hopefully it will be free to roam around – the project has to be a free culture work.
In your initial research, have you found something you didn’t expect? is it an interesting path to follow? i didn’t expect to find and to be so attracted to the idea of poetry + letting go as an act of resistance / change. (good thing i’m attempting to let go of expectations)
what do you need to know about the content/story? there’s a lot to say already, but there’s also a lot to know/understand/decide about how to approach its delivery in an “informed” way.

there’s a need of distilling the content (or of doing the opposite (?))

what do you need from a tech standpoint? a system for on-performance live chance operations.

possibly a digital system to create and/or manipulate aleatory sounds.

maybe a supertitles system for the texts.

if it’s too much for the time.. are there any discrete parts of it you could accomplish? i can complete the diary(ies) i have started, recycling and remixing the method used in how to improve the world (see above). i could read them in public using digital or analog chance operations.