state the question you are trying to answer

what will happen if i (re)use chance operations as a way of [obverse: letting go of, reverse: accepting and laughing at] life as it is now, and the ideology that is destroying it?


describe your project. provide details on what your project is, who is the audience, how will it be used, what are the key features, etc

a chance-based, anti-spectacular, possibly ironic, free culture, “broadway musical”, that attempts to reconcile (or not) the contradictions that come with wanting to help saving the living world from catastrophe while using an imagination severely limited by western thought and colonialism.

the following is a randomized, (non?)exhaustive collection of possibly (non?)descriptive text fragments:

challenging our worldview – a sample of someone saying verfremdungseffekt – to share – attempting to escape colonialism – it’s difficult for me to make nonsense – slowness – realizing that we can’t control the outcome – my imagination has been captured by western thought and colonialism – awkward moment: to realize that your happiness depends on oppression and exploitation – to listen – recycling chance operations – letting go of expectations – it’s not like we have a very bright future now – how am i expected to not be somewhat existentialist – theater of the oppressed – purposelessness – existential anxiety – it’s difficult to realize we could all decide to stop – it’s difficult to avoid suggesting a solution – people have said it’s a problem of imagination, makes sense – embrace non-originality – challenging our absurd worldview – epic theatre – why am i using “the language of the empire” – it’s difficult to change – i don’t know what i’m saying, don’t listen to me – what if we as privileged minority stopped trying to control the world – let’s become poets and share – we are all one – embrace doubt, maybe – why would we desire world improvement, if we can have good coffee already – if my arguments are faulty, we are doing ok – i won’t impose an answer – complex systems that we can’t change, let’s listen instead – letting go of the illusion of order – avoid private property – imagining a worldview aimed towards unemployment – happiness is in people, and i’m an introvert – chance-based music – embracing the shakiness of a non-fixed present – embracing contradictions – attempting to escape western thought – irony – a sample of someone saying weltanschauung – i would prefer to let go rather than to be crushed by climate breakdown – realizing that we can change our present – we can all be right at the same time – accepting, letting go, laughing – we can all be wrong at the same time – axiom: everything is a joke – experiment in estrangement effect – compassion – avoid capitalism – to collaborate – one step at a time – if this doesn’t make sense, we are doing ok – chance-based poetry – people have said it’s a problem of language, makes sense – criticizing privilege from a privileged position – sorry if i’m imagining alternatives in a way you wouldn’t find convenient – reusing chance operations – challenging our absurd ideology that is destroying life on earth – this isn’t supposed to be depressive, but a celebration of laughter – renounce good grammar – chance – how can i imagine what i can’t imagine yet – avoid dualism (?) – i don’t know what i’m doing (do you?) – let’s celebrate (but i don’t like parties) – attempting to make nonsense – to observe – john cage – letting go of innovation – navigating through emergent complexity – it’s easier to assume that the worldview is fixed – chaos – meaninglessness – if this is illogical, we are doing ok – if this is not academic enough, we are doing ok – [i want to] open my imagination – anti-spectacle – maybe the best solution is to avoid suggesting solutions – acceptance – inner conflict – it’s difficult to let go what we take for granted – it’s difficult to realize that our foundations are not really solid – we weren’t told about the incompleteness of formal axiomatic systems – i don’t have an answer – disclaimer: this work might be uncomfortable, but we can return to our cozy home – challenging our ideology that is destroying life on earth – acknowledgement of the arbitrariness of our worldview – theater of the absurd – disclaimer: this work won’t move us to change (life is way too comfortable already) – “how to improve the world (you will only make matters worse)” – absurd – born inside neoliberalism, no alternatives on sight – boredom – let’s laugh – letting go of the illusion of control – laughter

research approach

describe your research process. what are the sources you plan to look at, who do you plan to speak to about your project. how will you approach your research?

the following is a shuffled list of people with whom i would like to have a conversation related to this work:
laura kuhn
stephanie janaina
joaquín lópez chapman “chas”
shantí vera
evoé sotelo
rafael lozano-hemmer
lourdes fernández
anabella pareja
benito gonzález
allison parrish
clarinda mac low
george monbiot

the following is a shuffled list of books and movies that have been recently informing this work:
the medium is the massage: an inventory of effects. marshall mcluhan and quentin fiore (1967)
diary: how to improve the world (you will only make matters worse). john cage (2015)
the uprising: on poetry and finance. franco “bifo” berardi (2012)
essays. wallace shawn (2009)
movie: gasland part ii. josh fox (2013)
sermones y prédicas del cristo de elqui. nicanor parra (1979)
how did we get into this mess? politics, equality, nature. george monbiot (2016)
movie: gasland. josh fox (2010)
john cage and the buddhist ecopoetics. peter jaeger (2013)
a year from monday. john cage (1967)
the age of consent. george monbiot (2003)
out of the wreckage: a new politics for an age of crisis. george monbiot (2017)
movie: my dinner with andre. louis malle (1981)
an anthology of chance operations. la monte young, jackson mac low, et al (1970)
mientras pienso en otra cosa: apuntes coreográficos en extinción. anabella pareja (2017)
movie: how to let go of the world and love all the things climate can’t change. josh fox (2016)
nuevos sermones y prédicas del cristo de elqui. nicanor parra (1979)
an introduction to the social and political philosophy of bertolt brecht. anthony squiers (2014)
the society of the spectacle. guy debord (1967)
antipoems: how to look better and feel great. nicanor parra (2004)
today i wrote nothing. daniil kharms (2009)
teatro del oprimido. augusto boal (1980)
understanding media: the extensions of man. marshall mcluhan (1964)

personal statement

why this project? what does it mean to you? how did you arrive at this idea? what inspires you about this idea?

i find amazing to see how we are collectively destroying the planet and therefore our own futures.
some would say nyc, or this country, are the top of the world; being here it doesn’t feel so bright (e.g. are we all globally suppossed to make, buy and/or throw away this amount of trash?).
i don’t have much [to lose].
i feel more sympathy for the people below than for the people above (but at the end almost all the people are nice).
i find interesting my strong sense of self-doubt.
i am an idealist.
i find amazing to witness denial.
attempting to trace the origin of the problem, i could find many possibilities according to the source: convenience over freedom, neoliberalism, globalization, capitalism, patriarchy, nationalism, masculinity, private property, rationality, cartesian dualism, christianity, religion, western thought…
i feel more sympathy for the oppressed than for the oppressors (but at the end almost all the people are nice).
i would like to laugh even more, at myself and everything.
i am attracted to the idea of starting over.
i find amazing to observe and try to accept all of our contradictions.
global economic inequality would have prevented me from being in this program.
i tend to laugh about almost any situation.
i would like to share the idea that we can break free.
i tend to distrust whoever appears too sure of themselves; i put myself under constant questioning.
i am getting more interested in nonsense and the conflicts it causes in my mind; i would like to be able to accept it.
i am fortunate and privileged enough to have had the opportunities and support that led me here.
i am so fortunate and privileged that i think i can “throw myself into the fire” and attempt to radically experiment.
i find amazing to think about my own biases of how things should be.
as an introvert, the stage had been a great outlet; now it’s a good time to return and put myself in there.
i find amazing to see how limited is my imagination.
i tend not to like arbitrary rules.
i am struck and overwhelmed by the complexity of the pressing problems of this time.
i think i tend to be radical.