The following is the text that I read in the One-Minute Gong Show on Saturday, where everyone of us presented our thesis idea/question for a maximum of one minute.

Evidence shows that the future of humanity as we know it is under a serious threat. Not only we have roasting our planet, creating a climate breakdown; but also we have been destroying the soil that we need to farm our food, and filling the lands and oceans with plastic and other toxic waste. All of this under the name of neoliberalism, an ideology that is based on extreme individualism, competition, and the promise of unlimited growth in a limited planet.

For my thesis, I want to contribute to the current conversation that aims to create a new story for humanity, one that is based on the natural traits of collaboration, compassion, and sharing. In order to achieve this, I will contribute with the creation of a performance of dance, poetry, music, and digital media; that will address these issues, and will attempt to move us all to take the necessary actions that we need to survive this century.