as some people can know thanks to our newsletter (subscribe hereonly in spanish-) i applied and i was selected to be part of the program for immigrant artists with social practice of the nyfa (new york foundation for the arts). the official info here.

since i saw the open call i knew that this program and its approach were for me. i am very happy to be part of it.

so in this category –iap– of the eccs’ blogs, i will share what i will do, learning and/or living in the program.

i’ll tell a little bit more:
– they are 4 mentors. this time it’s 2 women and 2 men. jeff kasper, ronny quevedo, monika w├╝rher and clarinda mac low, with whom i was assigned. with each one of them i wish i could work with closely but for me clarinda is a perfect fit, as she is also a performer with a somatic movement practice.

– we are 12 selected artists. from brazil, the dominican republic, from belgium, from chile, from argentina, from nepal, from india, from japan, from trinidad… and of course, (me)from mexico. we speak in english…

– the mediums we use are varied. paintings, short films, photo, movement, social media, theater, music, installations. all their works and projects in process are super inspiring (and sometimes intimidating).

– my group with clarinda is also formed by angela and pallavi.

– we will meet officially 6 times from january to june. we already have had 2 meetings and next monday (february 12, 2018), will be the third. each meeting lasts 3 hours and each one has been different, but always keeping time apart for the artists to chat with their mentor.

– the program is very open in that you do not have to have a work to present at the end of it. the mentoring is to advise you on what you need at this moment, for what you want. from how to get funding to legal advise. and other topics of the life of an artists.

let’s see where this road takes me!

to take advantage and grow!